Profile S6 is the strongest corrugated panel on the European market. That's not by chance, because our plates are triple reinforced. Img

Only the best fibres Profile S6 corrugated panels only contain the best fibres. That's logical, because it is only by using the best raw materials that you can produce corrugated panels that will protect a roof against the most extreme weather conditions. Img DOUBLE-PRESSED We press various layers of fibre cement to achieve the ideal thickness. But then we press them a second time under high pressure. That's the only way to obtain the strongest corrugated panel on the UK market, roughly 50% stronger than the European standard. Img RUST-FREE Profile S6 corrugated panels are 100% rust-free. That means they last much longer than metal panels which can quickly rust in spots where the protective layer is damaged or perforated. Img HANDY CORRUGATED PANEL Of course, in addition to a strong corrugated panel, you also want a handy corrugated panel that is quick and easy to install. With the pre-grooved and bevelled corners, and attention to safety, Profile S6 is the choice of every professional: Img PRE-GROOVED Profile S6 corrugated panels are lightly pre-grooved at each corner. That way, you can easily break them to size, without dust being released. As such, with the Profile S6 corrugated panels, you can literally go in all directions. You can cover any roof with one type of panel. Img BEVELLED CORNERS For a number of lengths, you can choose bevelled corners for a minimum standard length overlap of 20 cm, and for round covering from right to left. Guaranteed to save time! Img SAFE INSTALLATION Professionals also appreciate the fact that Profile S6 corrugated panels from SVK significantly reduce the risk of accidents. This is due to their slightly waffled anti-slip structure and the polypropylene reinforcement straps. Img Vapour-open and sound-absorbing Profile S6 is also the solution for the condensation in your stables. With their vapour-open pore structure, they absorb moisture from the interior and gradually release it into the outside air. In addition, Profile S6 corrugated panels strongly absorb the sound of heavy rain or hail. That way, they help create a pleasant living environment for people and animals. Profile S6 corrugated panels are available in the colours black, blue-black, red-brown, juniper green, terracotta, cloud-grey and manganese brown. And in the lengths 1.220 -1.250 - 1.525 - 1.585 - 1.830 - 2.135 - 2.440 - 2.750 -2.950 - 3.050 m.