LUXURY SUITES IN 1 MONTH The Château des Thermes hotel was closed for barely a month for the construction of an entire new floor with luxury suites. Modernisation works to the existing installations were also carried out. A true challenge for both the architects and the building contractors. The greatest challenge they faced was working with a range of different contractors who all had to be co-ordinated by the architect and the client, and all of whose work had to fit seamlessly together. Img

COLORMAT CLASSIC H402 SLATE The Colormat Classic façade panel from SVK was chosen as the ceiling finish for the spacious terraces. The H402 Slate shade of grey was specifically chosen for this. This body-tinted façade panel proved to be the perfect choice for the architect, Monsieur Conradt, given its charming integration with the existing building as well as its surroundings. Monsieur Conradt also recommended fibre cement façade panels for this project owing to the material’s subtle colour nuances, firm character and plain appearance. The material is also highly durable and low-maintenance. The various facets and design possibilities were also pivotal in coming to the final choice of material.

Img TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE In addition, SVK was chosen for the good-quality technical assistance they could offer, and the delivery was indeed carried out precisely as requested. The fitters, Menuiserie Sequoia, were also very satisfied with the material. Given that sawing fibre cement requires great care, it was prudent to call in the technical assistance on offer. Thanks to this support, the fitters were able to saw the material themselves in their own workshop. It was the first time they had fitted the façade panels for a ceiling finish, although they had gained all the necessary façade experience in the past. Img COMPLETE LUXURY & RELAXATION! For the owner, Gilbert Lodomez, customer satisfaction is absolutely key. Given his aspiration to offer his customers complete relaxation amid the ultimate luxury, the whole picture has to be just right. This makes it very important for a hotel owner to keep up the constant innovation, thinking ahead 5 to 10 years too, such that the hotel can offer true added value for its customers. The façade panels from SVK were a perfect fit for such a venture.

With thanks to: Architect: Monsieur Conradt - Client: Gilbert Lodomez - Fitters: Menuiserie Sequoia