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Covering/installation method

SVK slates can be installed in a variety of ways. The most common ways in the United-Kingdom can be discovered below.


vertical double-lap

The vertical, double-lap covering is suitable for fitting all rectangular slates. In terms of height, each row is partially covered by the two rows above, so that each slate is divided into three parts. This covering method is possible for the following sizes in our range.

Applicable sizes: 60x30x10 and 60x60 cm

vertical double-lap

Horizontal double-lap

This method is a variation to the double-lap method. The rectangular slates are placed horizontally here. This method can be applied for both facade cladding and roofing in normal situations.

Applicable sizes: 60x30x10 cm

Horizontal double-lap

diamond covering

Diamond covering is only applicable for diamond-shaped slates. Diamond slates are square slates measuring 40 x 40 cm with two opposite corners cut parallel to each other. In order to install diamond slates in a diamond covering, the over-covering for the roof must be 10 cm and for the facade cladding 5 cm, measured perpendicularly to the edge of the slate. This covering can be used for both facade cladding and roofing.

Applicable sizes: 40/40/10

diamond covering

checkerboard pattern

The checkerboard pattern is based on the same principle as the diamond slates, only with a smaller over-covering, so that a linear pattern is achieved. The lines then form continuous diagonals. Only for facades.

checkerboard pattern

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