Private house

Puro Plus, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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  • Product group
  • Product type
  • Project type residential
  • Main colour
  • Construction year 2017
  • address Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Architect tailorD
  • Photographer Spot-On Visuals
Ardonit natural grey slates and Puro Plus facade panel


This reference has Puro Plus as its main product

The architectural concept of this high-end house is a straight concrete box, which has been opened up on the garden and watersides. This entire transparent side merges inside with outside. In good weather, a large part of the façade on the waterside can be opened up.

The clients indicated several architectural styles that appealed to them. The same house is clad in a different style, giving it a different look and feel. By showing very specifically what their wishes would mean for the appearance of their home, they were able to make their choice with conviction.

They opted for simple façade materials that meet each other in a very abstract way: minimal transitions, window frames that are in the plane of the ceiling and the floor, hidden sun blinds.

The architect was looking for a board with a concrete look to give a robust, solid impression at the base of the house. The choice fell on the Puro Plus fibre cement facade panel because it is a beautiful board that changes with the weather. The board gets wet and then turns a lot darker. Then it dries again, with all the intermediate stages preceding it.

This is very different from cladding panels with a finished, smooth, and coloured side. There, raindrops lie on top and roll off.

On a Puro Plus facade, there is a visible transition from a wet to a dry panel after rainfall, whereby panels situated closer to the wind or sun will dry out a little sooner. This gives the façade a natural look, and therefore a strong resemblance to concrete or natural stone.

The panel is made of the same material through and through, which allows you to create beautiful details at outside corners.

This panel is very light and can therefore be glued to a wooden substructure. So it is not only the panel itself but also the substructure that makes a façade with this cladding such a good price competitor for a stone-like façade.

A nice incidental circumstance is that this relatively light panel can be glued, and thanks to the low weight and the technique of glued fastening, beautiful details have been created in the rotating parts.

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