Private house

Puro Plus, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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  • Product group
  • Product type
  • Project type residential
  • Main colour
  • Construction year
  • address Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Architect
  • Photographer Spot-On Visuals
SVK Puro Plus façade panel


This reference has Puro Plus as its main product

Puro Plus is a fibre cement cladding panel with a concrete look that was used to clad the 4 façades of this cubist house.

After rain, the Puro Plus façade panel shows a transition from wet to dry. The panels that receive sunlight or are exposed to the wind earlier dry out more quickly. This effect creates a natural look that is very similar to concrete or natural stone.

The lightweight facade panel can be glued. This guarantees a very clean finish without any interruption of the screws.

By using black aluminium cladding and the combination of the Puro Plus façade panel, the end result is a cubist house with an industrial touch.

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